Welcome To MediaFineArts.com!

Our programs are designed to empower youth to become the next innovators in media. Our camp participants pursue their tech interest with hands-on, project-based learning experiences. Programs include:

  • LEGOŽ Animation Classic Camp
  • LEGOŽ Animation Advanced
  • LEGO MINDSTORMŽ Robotics Camp
  • 3D Game Design For Beginners
  • Adventures in Filmmaking & Special Effects

MediaFineArts, in cooperation with the Port Moody Arts Centre, offers quality media programs at very competitive prices.

Winter Class Registration:

Registration for our Winter Classes has begun. Please see Our Programs page for more information.

Spring Break LegoMation Is Here!

We are now taking registrations for one of our most popular programs - Spring Break LegoMation! Take a look at Programs page page to see information on LegoMation Classic and LegoMation Advanced Camps.


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