Welcome To MediaFineArts.com!

Our programs are designed to empower youth to become the next innovators in media. Our camp participants pursue their tech interest with hands-on, project-based learning experiences. Programs include:

  • LEGOŽ Animation Classic Camp
  • LEGOŽ Animation Advanced
  • LEGO MINDSTORMŽ Robotics Camp
  • 3D Game Design For Beginners
  • Adventures in Filmmaking & Special Effects

MediaFineArts, in cooperation with the Port Moody Arts Centre, offers quality media programs at very competitive prices.

Winter Class Registration:

Registration for our Winter Classes has begun. Please see Our Programs page for more information.

New Winter Class!

We are now offering a very ambitious creative class - 3D Game Design for Multiplayer! Our theme is Lego vs Minecraft. Players must navigate a treacherous maze, avoid other players and bots, and race to the finish! For more information, please see our page for 3D Game Design - Lego vs MineCraft Multiplayer.


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